VIVO Conference Keynote: Towards digitizing scholarly communication


This year’s VIVO conference gathered VIVO team members from participating institutions globally to come together with the aim to promote scholarly collaboration and research discovery.

EIS’ Sören Auer was invited as keynote speaker. Here you can find the slides of his VIVO 2016 Conference opening keynote titled “Towards digitizing scholarly communication”.


Despite the availability of ubiquitous connectivity and information technology, scholarly communication has not changed much in the last hundred years: research findings are still encoded in and decoded from linear, static articles and the possibilities of digitization are rarely used. In this talk, we will discuss strategies for digitizing scholarly communication. This comprises in particular: the use of machine-readable, dynamic content; the description and interlinking of research artifacts using Linked Data; the crowd-sourcing of multilingual
educational and learning content. We discuss the relation of these developments to research information systems and how they could become part of an open ecosystem for scholarly communication.

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