The 2nd annual Meetup of Question Answering community

On 2nd November 2015, the University of Bonn and Fraunhofer IAIS hosted the second annual meet-up of the Question Answering (QA) community in Germany and beyond. The purpose of these meetups is to discuss current research challenges and to explore synergies between WDAqua and other ongoing projects.

In this meeting, participants from EIS research group at the University of Bonn and Fraunhofer IAIS, Bonn, Germany, from the AKSW research group at the University of Leipzig, from Laboratoire Hubert Curien at Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne, France, from CITEC at the University of Bielefeld presented the projects they are involved and the recent results of their work on QA systems. The following themes were discussed during the meeting:

  • openQA (hoverboard) and beyond, Edgard Marx, AKSW group. Slide
  • Benchmarking: QALD-6 and beyond, Christina Unger, CITEC group. Slide
  • Brief overview on the state of the WDAqua project, Christoph Lange, EIS/IAIS group. Slide
  • DIESEL and QAMEL project, Axel-C. Ngonga Ngomo, AKSW group. Slide
  • Short introduction to HAWK, perspectives for an reusable architecture, QA datasets, Ricardo Usbeck, AKSW group. Slides HAWK, Reusable, ontology-based architecture for QA and qa-datasets
  • Indexing: Shortest path materializations, Dennis Diefenbach, LHC group. Slide
  • AskNow, Mohnish Dubey, AKSW group. Slide

Last year’s highlights can be found here.

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