Prof. Dr. Sören Auer

Prof. Dr. Sören Auer
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Room A117, University of Bonn, Computer Science/EIS, Römerstr. 164, 53117 Bonn, Germany
Room B3-219, Fraunhofer IAIS, Schloss Birlinghoven, 53757 Sankt Augustin
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Sören heads the Enterprise Information Systems group at the computer science department at University of Bonn. He is also member of the leadership council of Fraunhofer-Insitute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) and head of the Fraunhofer IAIS department EIS. Prior to joining University of Bonn and Fraunhofer IAIS in 2013, Sören founded AKSW research group at University of Leipzig and worked at TU Chemnitz as well as University of Pennsylvania.

Research and Technology Interests

  • Semantic Web technologies and Linked Data
  • Knowledge Representation and Management, in particular agile, light-weight methodologies and social semantic collaboration
  • Software engineering, open-source software and adaptive methodologies and tools
  • Database and XML technologies
  • Open, participatory research and development (see my Open Science slides and
  • Application domains: enterprise data integration, Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems, smart cities, digital humanities

Current Activities

Former Activities

Selected Keynotes and Invited Talks

  • SMWCon Fall 2016
  • VIVO 2016: Towards Digitizing Scholarly Communication - Video, Slides
  • SCADS Summer School: Big Knowledge Graphs, July 19, Leipzig, Germany
  • DINI 2015: Allheilmittel oder Basis-Technologie - Was ist dran an Linked Data?
  • ZVEI strategy board: Semantic Models for Industry 4.0
  • ASAM International conference: From Linked Data to Big Data - How the Interlinking of Distributed and Heterogeneous Data can Facilitate Automotive Development, Production and Services, Dresden, Dec 9
  • SEMIC Conference: Creating Data Value Chains by Linking Enterprise Data, May 4th, Riga, Lithuania
  • Volkswagen Search & Semantic SummIT 2014: Linked Enterprise Data , Volkswagen, Wolfsburg
  • JIST 2014
  • SRII Asia Summit: The Web of Interlinked Data and Knowledge, Sept. 16-18, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand
  • International Economic Forum: Potentials and Benefits of Linked Open Data, 21.6.2013, St. Petersburg
  • TPDL 2013: What can Linked Data do for Digital Libraries - Video, Slides
  • LREC 2012
  • SBBD 2011
  • ReWeb 2011
  • BIS 2011
  • CONSEGI 2011, WIMS 2011
  • ISWSA 2011
  • ESWC 2010


Please check out the publications section as well as my DBLP and Google Scholar profiles.


If you need me to sign something, for directions, visiting arrangements etc. please contact:

At University of Bonn:
Martina Doelp
Phone: +49 (228) 73-4501
Fax: +49 (228) 73-4382
Office: A206
At Fraunhofer IAIS:
Daniela Börner
Phone: +49 (2241) 14-3448
Fax: +49 (2241) 14-43448
For press inquiries regarding the projects I'm involved you can also contact Fraunhofer IAIS PR officer Katrin Berkler.

Me Elsewhere

Current Projects

  • Be-IoTThe business engine for IoT pilots: Turning the Internet of things in Europe into an economically successful and socially accepted vibrant ecosystem.
  • BigDataEuropeIntegrating Big Data, Software & Communities for Addressing Europe’s Societal Challenges
  • EDSA European Data Science Academy
  • iRapInterest-based RDF update propagation framework
  • LiDaKrALinked-Data-basierte Kriminalanalyse (Linked Data based crime analysis)
  • LinDAEnabling Linked Data and Analytics for SMEs by renovating public sector information
  • ODINEOpen Data Incubator for Europe
  • OntarioA Semantic Data Lake for heterogeneous data
  • OpenResearchA crowdsourcing platform to provide information about scientific events, research groups, tools, journals etc.
  • SlideWikiA shared framework that supports communities to create presentations collaboratively
  • VoColA low-threshold agile methodology for collaborative vocabulary development
  • WDAqua ITNAnswering Questions using Web Data


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