STODaP: Semantic Tags for Open Data Portals

Semantic Tags for Open Data Portals interlinks several Open Data Portals through Global Semantic Tags.

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Semantic Tags for Open Data Portals is a platform that hosts Global Tags, interlinking several Open Data Portals (ODP) both from governments and civil society through meaningful tags. Using the MUTO ontology, local tags in each portal can be connected to the STODaP server, making it easy for users to access several data sources tagged similarly in different portal. The relation between tags is driven by translations and synonyms, and also by co-occurence. Both figures below illustrate the idea:

Overview of the STODaP system

Example of STODaP system usage

The work is a partnership between Greco, at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and EIS, at University of Bonn and Fraunhofer IAIS.

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