SCORvoc: Supply Chain Organization Reference (SCOR) vocabulary

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A vocabulary representing the Supply Chain Organizations Reference (SCOR).

Advanced, highly specialized economies require instant, robust and efficient information flows within its value-added and supply chain networks. Especially also in the context of the recent Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing or cyber-physical systems initiatives more efficient and effective information exchange in sypply networks is of paramount importance. The Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) is a cross-industry approach to lay the groundwork for this goal by defining a conceptual model for supply chain related information. We describe an semantics-based approach for facilitating information flows in supply networks and enabling a round-trip between the definition of metrics and KPIs as well as they automatized execution and propagation. It is centered around the SCORVoc vocabulary which represents the Supply Chain Council's SCOR standard entirely as an RDF vocabulary.

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