LinkDaViz: A Visualization Approach Employing Automatic Binding of Linked Data to Visualizations

As the Web of Data is growing steadily, the demand for user-friendly means for exploring, analyzing and visualizing Linked Data is also increasing. The key challenge for visualizing Linked Data consists in providing a clear overview of the data and supporting non-technical users in finding and configuring suitable visualizations for a specified subset of the data.

In order to accomplish this, we are developing a largely automatic visualization workflow based on the state-of-the-art linked data approaches, which guides users through the process of creating visualizations by automatically categorizing and binding data to a visualization’s parameters.

The LinkDAViz visualization workflow starts with the selection and exploration of a RDF dataset. After specifying the part of data to be visualized a ranked list of recommended visualizations is computed and presented to the user. Finaly, when one of the recommendations is selected, the resulting visualization is displayed, ready for customization.

The screencast is available here.

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