ExConQuer: Linked Data Publication and Consumption Framework

A major obstacle to the wider use of semantic technology is the perceived complexity of RDF data by stakeholders who are not familiar with the Linked Data paradigm, or are otherwise unaware of the dataset's underlying schema. In order to help overcome this barrier, we introduce the concept of RDF softening, which aims to preserve the semantic richness of the data model while catering for simplified and workable views of the data. We address the softening objective with the ExConQuer Framework, which facilitates the publication and consumption of RDF in a variety of generic formats. Through the Query Builder Tool, we aim to lower the entry barrier for any stakeholder requiring the use of Linked Open Data. We enable the user to explore existing Linked Data and generate a SPARQL query, then proceed to download and convert the results in a number of formats. Through the PAM Tool, the user is able to explore existing queries executed on various datasets through filters, and re-load them on the Query Builder tool to edit or re-run them.


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