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Brox IT-Solutions was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Hannover, Germany. Brox core competencies are supporting large enterprises in managing and evolving their IT infrastructure.


Project Collaboration


The Web not only gives rise to new forms of crime, it also enables new technology for crime investigation. Suspects leave traces on the Web, items are being sold and bought on the Web, and a wealth of public open data about organizations and places is available on the Web. LiDaKrA aims at a holistic approach to extract, network and fuse crime-relevant information from public and private sources such as: the Web in general, the Social Web (social networks, blogs or wikis), Deep Web (eCommerce databases such as ebay or Amazon Marketplace), Dark Web (informations from the Tor network), Data Web (open data such as DBpedia or GeoNames). The technical components will be implemented in an integrated platform and will be evaluated in concrete use cases with multiple stakeholders from crime investigation authorities. Read more about LiDaKrA


A vocabulary representing the Supply Chain Organizations Reference (SCOR). Read more about SCORvoc


Vocabularies typically reflect a consensus among experts in a certain application domain. They are thus implemented in collaboration of domain experts and knowledge engineers. Particularly the presence of domain experts with little technical background requires a low-threshold vocabulary engineering methodology. This methodology should be im- plementable without dependencies on complex software components, it should provide collaborators with comprehensible feedback on syntax and semantics errors in a tight loop, and it should give access to a human- readable presentation of the vocabulary. Inspired by agile software and content development methodologies, we define the VoCol methodology to address these requirements. We implemented a prototype based on a loose coupling of validation and documentation generation components on top of a standard Git repository. All of these components, even the repository engine, can be exchanged with little effort. By evaluating the usefulness of error feedback of different tools in the realistic setting of an emerging mobility vocabulary we prove, however, that our choice of the crucial validation component is workable. Read more about VoCol