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Najmeh Mousavi
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I carried out my bachelor education in one of the best technical universities of Iran, Amirkabir University of Technology. In my bachelors, I put majority of my efforts in the theoretical computer science and programming-related courses, in which I was always interested. During my undergraduate studies, participating in different research programs has improved my abilities in working in large groups of researchers and developers on a big project.

Another source where I learned a lot was my working experiences; it gave me a good idea of how academic work can help the industrial products or applications.

I carried out my M.Sc. at Islamic Azad university - Science & Research Branch in Artificial Intelligence which is a program of Computer Engineering department. During my master studies I focused on speech and natural language processing related courses and researches. I took all of my elective courses in these fields and did a number of researches.

The largest practical project was my M.Sc. thesis titled “Transliteration of English-Persian Names and Vice Versa Based on Statistical Methods”, for which we proposed new algorithm for aligning name pairs. I succeeded to publish two international papers and one paper in national conference based on master thesis.


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