The department Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) at the Institute for Applied Computer Science at University of Bonn and Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) is led by Sören Auer.

The primary objective of the research group is to advance research and technology in the field of enterprise information systems & semantic technologies and to widely apply this research in large-scale use cases. A particular focus of research and technology is information, data and knowledge integration employing Linked Data strategies. The department is committed to the open source, open access and open knowledge movements.

We achieved many projects and are actively working on several others. Please have a look at some of our demos:

  • ExConQuer Linked Data Publication and Consumption Framework

  • iRap Interest-based RDF update propagation framework

  • LinDA Enabling Linked Data and Analytics for SMEs

  • LinkDaViz A Visualization Approach Employing Automatic Binding of Linked Data to Visualizations

  • Luzzu Quality Assessment Framework for LOD

  • SemAnn Web-based semantic annotation tool for PDF documents.

  • SINA question answering system for Linked Data

  • SlideWiki helps communities to create great presentations collaborativel

  • VoCol A low-threshold agile methodology for collaborative vocabulary development



Three EIS papers accepted for SEMANTiCs 2015
Posted on Monday August 03, 2015

This year the 11th International Conference on Semantic Systems SEMANTiCs 2015 takes place September 15-17 in Vienna. The research track at SEMANTiCs received 93 submissions, out of which 24 were accepted resulting in an acceptance rate of 26%. The three accepted EIS publications are: Crowdsourced Semantic Annotation of Scientific Publications and Tabular Data in PDF Jaana Takis, Aqm […]

LiDaKrA kick-off meeting: Linked Data based crime analysis
Posted on Tuesday July 21, 2015

The kick-off meeting of the LiDaKrA project took place on 7th and 8th July, at the premises of Fraunhofer IAIS, in Sankt Augustin, Germany. LiDaKrA is a German national research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Project partners were present to the first official meeting, where the main goals, vision […]

Papers from EIS accepted at MTSR 2015, KESW 2015 and RANLP 2015 Conferences
Posted on Wednesday July 01, 2015

We are very pleased to announce that the following papers were accepted at MTSR 2015,  KESW 2015 and RANLP 2015 conferences respectively. Paper at MTSR 2015 (9th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference): Mapping Large Scale Research Metadata to Linked Data: A Performance Comparison of HBase, CSV and XML Sahar Vahdati, Farah Karim, Jyun-Yao Huang, and Christoph Lange Abstract. […]

OpenBudgets kick-off: transparency and citizen power for Europe
Posted on Wednesday July 01, 2015

The kick-off meeting of the OpenBudgets.eu project happened in the 29th and 30th June, at the castle of Frauhoffer Institute, in Sankt Augustin, Germany. Project partners from seven European countries were present to the first official meeting, where the main concepts were discussed. The OpenBudgets.eu aims to provide a generic framework and concrete tools for […]

iRap 0.1 release
Posted on Sunday May 17, 2015

We are happy to announce the first public version of iRap (interest-based RDF updAte Propagator), is available for download. iRap is an interest-based RDF update propagation framework that propagates only interesting updates from source to target dataset. It enables applications to subscribe to relevant datasets and consistently reflect the necessary changes locally without the need to […]