The department Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) at the Institute for Applied Computer Science at University of Bonn and Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) is led by Sören Auer.

The primary objective of the research group is to advance research and technology in the field of enterprise information systems & semantic technologies and to widely apply this research in large-scale use cases. A particular focus of research and technology is information, data and knowledge integration employing Linked Data strategies. The department is committed to the open source, open access and open knowledge movements.

We achieved many projects and are actively working on several others. Please have a look at some of our demos:

  • ExConQuer Linked Data Publication and Consumption Framework

  • iRap Interest-based RDF update propagation framework

  • LinDA Enabling Linked Data and Analytics for SMEs

  • LinkDaViz A Visualization Approach Employing Automatic Binding of Linked Data to Visualizations

  • Luzzu Quality Assessment Framework for LOD

  • SemAnn Web-based semantic annotation tool for PDF documents.

  • SINA question answering system for Linked Data

  • SlideWiki helps communities to create great presentations collaborativel

  • VoCol A low-threshold agile methodology for collaborative vocabulary development



EIS submissions to International Semantic Web Conference 2016
Posted on Sunday May 01, 2016

International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) is one of the most renowned conferences in our field. ISWC 2016 will take place later this year in October in Kobe, Japan. The deadline for submission to the research, resources and applications tracks of ISWC was today April 30. EIS members were driving or involved in the following publications: […]

Facilitate Reproducibility in Scholarly Communication and Increase the Information Velocity of the Sciences
Posted on Friday April 29, 2016

Short notes from Vinay Modi on his early research ideas at EIS, University of Bonn. Scholarly Communication is not a new concept. Scholars have been communicating their scientific ideas for thousands of years. For example, invention of numerals and fundamental rules of arithmetic and trigonometry, rules for solving algebraic equations, calculations for determining solar and lunar eclipses, […]

On Semantic Web, Machine Learning and feature representation of entities in Knowledge Graphs
Posted on Thursday April 21, 2016

 Written by Camilo Morales, Computer Science Master Candidate at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Department of Informatics and Software Developer at Fraunhofer IAIS We live in the golden age of artificial intelligence. Never before has the human kind experienced such an enormous technological progress in such a short period of time. The common purpose is to make machines […]

Some notes about software development
Posted on Friday April 15, 2016

Written by Luigi Selmi, Software Engineer at Fraunhofer IAIS, Geophysicist, Climber, Diver, Ski Alpinist and Global Traveler The EIS department manages business projects and participates in EU and federal research projects in which master and phd students from UniBonn are involved in software development tasks together with software developers at Fraunhofer. Different levels of commitment to […]

Discover a Powerful Framework for Text Mining
Posted on Friday April 08, 2016

Written by Najmeh Mousavi,  PhD student at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Department of Informatics “If you need to solve a problem with text analysis or human language processing you’re in the right place.” This is the phrase you confront when opening GATE website. GATE or “General Architecture for Text Engineering” is a 20 years old software which was […]