Enterprise Information Systems Department

The department Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) at the Institute for Applied Computer Science at University of Bonn and Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) is currently being established. The department is led by Sören Auer.

The primary objective of the research group is to advance research and technology in the field of enterprise information systems & semantic technologies and to widely apply this research in large-scale use cases. A particular focus of research and technology is information, data and knowledge integration employing Linked Data strategies. The department is committed to the open source, open access and open knowledge movements.

Since the EIS department is currently under construction please also consult my homepage at Universität Leipzig and AKSW research group and Fraunhoer IAIS for further information.

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Semantic Web Technologies Lecture

In the winter semester I will teach the lecture MA-INF 4301 - Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Semantic Web Technologien.

The topics of the lecture are:

The lecture will be based on the on OpenCourseWare "Semantic Data Web" published on SlideWiki. Further information can be found in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis. If you attend the lecture, please register/subscribe at the eCampus.

Seminar Semantic Technologies

This seminar will extend the breath and depth of the topics covered by the Semantic Web Technologies Lecture. Students will prepare seminar presentations which can be of the following type (or a mixture thereof): The seminar is open to all students an in particular encouraged for students planing their masters thesis at EIS. Suggestions for seminar topics can be found here.

Master thesis

The Enterprise Information Systems department offers a wide range of master thesis in all areas related to information systems and semantic technologies. We suggest you attend at least one of the lectures, a seminar and a lab of the EIS curriculum. We are currently building a database of potential bachelor/master thesis and lab topics. Please contact eis-leaders@lists.iai.uni-bonn.de if you are interested in completing your master thesis at EIS.


We are looking for candidates aiming to take the challenge to help building up one of the leading international research groups in the area of enterprise information systems and semantic technologies.

Post-doctoral Researchers / Research Group Leaders

We do not currently have a vacant postdoc position, but we are happy to support strong candidates in applying for a Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship with us (next deadline: 11 September 2014).

What we are looking for: The ideal candidate holds a doctoral degree in Computer Science or a related field and is able to combine theoretical and practical aspects in her work. The candidate is expected to build up her own research group and should have a track record in at least three (and be committed to expand it to more) of the following areas:

Due to the strong affiliation with Fraunhofer IAIS particular emphasis will be on the successful transfer of research results into high-impact industrial and societal applications. Fluent English communication skills are a fundamental requirement; command of German language is a plus.

Fields: The candidate should have a background in field relevant for Enterprise Information Systems, such as:

What we offer: We provide a scientifically and intellectually inspiring environment with an entrepreneurial mindset embedded in a world-leading university and one of the largest applied research organizations. Our primary aim is to provide the environment and resources to make the research group leaders successful in their field.

How to apply: Please indicate your willingness to apply as soon as possible with a short email to eis-leaders@lists.iai.uni-bonn.de.

PhD Students

The ideal candidate holds an MS degree in computer science or a related field and is able to consider both theoretical and practical implementation aspects in her/his work. Fluent English communication and a passion for developing modern software solutions (in Java/Scala and/or PHP) are fundamental requirements. Command of German language is a plus, but not a requirement. The candidate should have experience and commitment to work on the forefront of research in one of the following fields: Qualified candidates will start initially with a scholarship of around 1.500 € monthly (net), or with 50% of level TV-L 13 of the German public service pay-scale (approx. 1.300 Euro net monthly salary including all German social benefits) with the option to be promoted. The position starts as soon as possible, is open until filled and will be granted for 3 years. Please send your CV, transcripts, an English writing sample, a letter of reference and a short motivational statement (incl. research and technology interests) to eis-leaders@lists.iai.uni-bonn.de


The university and Bonn region provide an exceptional environment for successful research and a high quality of live.

University of Bonn

The University of Bonn offers a large number of undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of subjects. Its library holds more than two million volumes. The University of Bonn has 525 professors and 31,000 students. Among its notable alumni and faculty are seven Nobel Laureates, two Fields Medalists, twelve Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize winners, Pope Benedict XVI, Frederick III, Karl Marx, Heinrich Heine, Friedrich Nietzsche, Konrad Adenauer, and Joseph Schumpeter. University of Bonn is constantly ranked among the best universities in Germany, Europe and world-wide.

Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS)

With its workforce of nearly 280 employees, Fraunhofer IAIS combines the competences and scientific qualities of all engineering disciplines - especially informatics, and mathematics, natural sciences, business economics, geo and social sciences - with profound industry expertise. IAIS has a budget of approx. 20 million euros the institute implements application solutions in the fields of machine learning, multimedia pattern recognition, visual analytics, process intelligence, adaptive robotics and cooperating objects.

City of Bonn

Bonn is a city on the banks of the Rhine River in the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia. It was capital of West Germany till 1990 and the official seat of government of united Germany till 1999. Bonn is located right next to Cologne (Germany's fourth largest city) in the very south of the Rhine-Ruhr region, the largest metropolitan area of Germany. While being a cultural, political, scientific and economic hub Bonn has preserved its historic charm. Comparative worldwide studies have confirmed for many years that Bonn offers an outstanding quality of life. Surrounded by some of the most delightful countryside in Europe, its residents have a wide range of recreational options. Bonn has developed into a hub of international cooperation in particular in the area of environment and sustainable development and currently hosts 18 United Nations institutions. Bonn is located at the most frequented German high-speed ICE rail line, shares with Cologne one of the busiest German airports and is just a 40 minutes train ride away from Frankfurt airport. Many European metropolies such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt are in easy reach by train.


For all inquiries please contact Sören Auer:

Since the EIS department is currently under construction please also consult my homepage at Universität Leipzig and AKSW research group for further information.